How Much Does A Tooth Extraction Cost in Ohio?

How Much Does A Tooth Extraction Cost in Ohio?

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When a tooth extraction is necessary for your oral health, you might be considering the cost here in Ohio.

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket. While it sounds stressful, it’s actually a fairly standard procedure. 

What Happens During an Extraction?

First, your dentist will take X-rays that provide the shape, length, and position of the tooth and the bone surrounding it to determine the best technique for removing the tooth. 

For a simple extraction, your dental team will apply a numbing local anesthetic; however, if you’re experiencing dental anxiety or the removal is more complicated, sedation or general anesthesia can be administered.  

Healing Continues for 1-2 Weeks

After the extraction, you need to keep the area clean to prevent infection. For the first day stick to liquids and very soft foods, like smoothies or a cold soup. After another few days, soft foods such as scrambled eggs and pasta can be added to your menu. An ice pack held to the outside of your teeth can help to minimize discomfort and swelling.

Avoid using a straw when drinking any liquids after an extraction, because the suction created by a straw can dislodge the healing blood clot covering your extraction wound. The result could be more pain and more bleeding, as well as delay in healing.

Alcohol, smoking, and hard to chew foods should be avoided. 

Your dentist will provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, but for 24 hours following your extraction, you should also not clean teeth next to the extraction site.

Healing continues for around one to two weeks after your surgery. During this time, as much as possible, continue to try to avoid chewing any food on the extraction site, so you won’t disrupt healing. But, you may start transitioning to your usually consumed foods. Just be sure to chew carefully and avoid the extraction site as much as possible.

There are a few exceptions, however. You should avoid spicy or acidic foods until your extraction site is healed completely, so you won’t irritate the site of your extraction. Also, avoid any crunchy or sticky food types, which could possibly dislodge the healing clot if chewed close to the site of the extraction. 

Good Oral Hygiene Assists Healing

Along with the foods you eat, good dental hygiene is very helpful for your healing post-extraction. Be sure to follow your dental team’s guidelines before starting your regular daily dental care, however. 

So, What Does an Extraction Cost in Ohio?

The extraction of a tooth ranges in cost from around $150 to $700. Cost depends on the type of extraction and the type of anesthesia being used, as well as whether or not your extraction is performed on an emergency basis. But remember, your dental health and overall well-being is more important than cost. Dental insurance typically covers the cost of extraction, and if you do not have insurance, we offer financing plans to assist our patients.

Ready to Learn More About Extractions?

If you’re ready to learn more about extractions, want to schedule an appointment, or are having a dental emergency requiring an extraction, reach out to us today! We’re ready to help here in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.